MIE 96

Thirteenth International Congress
August 19-22 1996 Copenhagen Denmark


In order to achieve rapid publication, articles will be printed gy photo-offset methods. This means that all manuscript will be reduced by the factor of 80%.
All draft (full-)papers shall be at the maximum five pages, including figures, tables and references. Typing area: length 25 cm and width 15.6 cm. The recommendet font is Times; keep otalics and/or bold for special text parts. Recommended type font sizes: a) titles 24 pts; b) main text including heading 12 pts; c) abstract, footnotes, references, figures and tables 10 pts. Line spacing: 2 pts in cases (b) and (c), 4 pts in case (a). No diskettes are accepted at this stage.

The Programme Committe will consider:
- Research papers: original contributions to the science of medical/health informatics with a clear statement of research objectives, presentation of methods, results and discussion, including comparison with relevant international literature.
- Opinion or Review papers: thorough discussion of relevant topics or emerging trends, taking into account relevant internetional literature.
- Proposals for Scientific and/or Commercial Demonstrations: descriptions of systems or processes with a clear statement of the degree of innovation and realisation including a scientific discussion covering international literature on yhe subject.

On request (on the enclosed form), Instruction to Authors and a List of Available AV Equipment will be forwarded. Accepted papers, posters and demos will receive detailed instructions to authors on the finalisation of proceeding paper and the presentation material together with the approval.
The Program Committee will decide whether the papers are to be presented as oral presentations, demonstrations or poster presentations. Suggestions from the authors regarding the most appropriate way of presentation are welcome.

All drafts must be send in 3 copies before the 22nd of January 1996 to: MIE 96, c/o DIS Congress Service Copenhagen A/S, Herleve Ringvej 2C, DK-273