MIE 96

Thirteenth International Congress
August 19-22 1996 Copenhagen Denmark


MIE 96 includes all aspects of medical informatics and will especially focus on human facets in application of information technologies in health care, from ergonomic user interfaces to virtual reality tecnologies, e.g.:

- Artificial Intelligence, Decision Support and Decision Making
- Demonstration of benefits
- Education & Training
- Evaluation and Validation of System's Application
- Health Care Planning and Evaluation
- Imaging and Signal Analysis
- Information Systems, Frameworks and Architectures
- Legal & Ethical Issues
- Nursing Information Systems
- Primary Care Systems
- Quality of Care and Medical Audit
- Regional Healthcare Systems
- Rehabilitation and the Elderly
- Resource Management, Executive Information Systems
- Safety and Information Security
- Specialized Departemental Systems
- Standardization in Medical Informatics
- Telemedicine and Telematics Services
- Terminology, Coding and Classification Systems
- Ergonomic User-Computer Interfaces
- Virtual Reality in Health Care